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Ronnie Profile Thumb


14 days ago

Good Experience - the same as the last 1.5 years. The neighborhood has become more familiar with more people moving in, and it's been great!!

Dylan Profile Thumb


29 days ago

Whenever I have a problem I call maintenance and they usually get back to me in a reasonable amount of time. They also do fun community events.

Justin Profile Thumb


1 month ago

From the time I started with the application it was smooth sailing. Everything was simple and quick and efficient. The application process, rent, move in was smooth. The staff was courteous and friendly. My Roomates are great. Overall a pleasant process all the way. The online payment process was easy and proficient too.

Colten Profile Thumb


1 month ago

Good location and the apartment is nice. The porch is a great touch. Every resident gets their own bathroom which is such a nice luxury. The rent is getting pricy which I do not like, but that is happening all over Blacksburg. The management is not bad either and they come fix issues rather quickly. Back to location, I can walk to class in twenty minutes.

Aldo Profile Thumb


1 month ago

They apartments are nice and well kept. As well as the whole community. There seems to be a lot of community amenities that are great such as the gym and the club house.

Gabe Profile Thumb


1 month ago

really nice and comfortable, i enjoy everything and it’s all really nice. I like the look of the complex and the bus stops are nice to get to and from school.

Ryan Profile Thumb


1 month ago

Good the place is nice and the location is good too. Also the utilities are good too. The place is also very quiet and the neighbors are nice.

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